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International Day for People with a Disability 03 dec 2015

hari kesetiakawanan sosial 6Last tuesday (1rst of dec) LombokCare was invited to take part in an event, organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs on both National and Provincial level, in the context of the National Solidarity Day and as well the International Day of People with a Disability. On the occasion of these special days, the governor of the province NTB, TGB M. Zainul Majdi, invited every level of the society to, not only on this day but throughout the whole year, work together towards social solidarity and at the same time to build together towerds a beautiful province NTB, regardless of your origins, whether you're having a disability or not.

Today, the 3rd of December 2015, of course was a special day for LombokCare, a day in which we yearly want to pay attention to the International Day of People with a Disabilty. To partly respond to the request of the Governor, we felt it is double important to get back to the basics, 'improve the world, start with yourself'! That is why today we have chosen this theme: 'You and I are the same, let's change our perception from DISABILITY to DISABILITY'.

Disability Day 5During the discussion session held for the staff of LombokCare, time was given to Mantra, an inspirationeel artist and in this case a guest speaker as experiential expert, to tell his story. "I'm so glad my parents raised me normal and not as a 'handicapped person'Thanks to them I do not label myself as 'disabled' but as a normal person and equal to every other individual, after all we have to be able to compete with the rest of the world in order to survive".

Thanks to Mantra, we were able to acquire beautiful new insights, hopefully his words keep repeating in our heads and remind and motivate us daily so we can do our job even better!




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