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Welcome at the website of LombokCare!!! LombokCare is an active cooperation between the Dutch LombokCare Foundation and the Indonesian Yayasan LombokCare. LombokCare aims to provide assistance and care to the needy in the society on the island Lombok who have a poor chance.

This by introducing small-scale development in the field of basic necessities, education, care and work. Also LombokCare strives for 'awareness' in the Netherlands of poverty in developing countries. Herefor LombokCare is targetted at different audiences, but will mainly be involving education in the Netherlands, children are the future!


Unfortunately Lombok has been hit with a series of earthquakes in August 2018. 
We are working on updating our website with updates, but as you can imagine our team is busy providing first aid and emergency support at the moment first. 
Many of our staff members and children of the foundation lost their homes. It's very heartbreaking to watch. 

Since the first earthquake we already:
- Started food kitchens in different villages
- Delivered food, drinks and other emergency supplies to effected areas
- Visited effected areas with our team to provide support, especially the children
- Started uplifting the sleeping areas in the tents to prevent them getting wet in rainy weather
- Started future planning...

We will keep you posted on what we're working on.
Click here fore more EARTHQUAKE NEWS 


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Latest News

RIP little Ahmad KanuThursday, 23 August 2018
RIP little Ahmad Kanu Born on the 7th of May 2014Passed away on the 23rd of August 2018 Kanu lived in Karang Pule in Mataram. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Quadriplegic and joined LombokCare since March 2018. LombokCare picked him up every...
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First school day after the earthquakesTuesday, 21 August 2018
The first school day after having to deal with 5 major earthquakes (>6.0 magnitude). Only 4 kids came, all the others probably were still to afraid to get back in any building. Today was all about sharing their stories. Even though they were sitti...
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Thank you UlaThursday, 16 August 2018
Thanks Ula, for almost 3 years you have been devoting yourself to help LombokCare's children. A lot of children learned how to walk or had improvement in their physical development because of your treatments. We will all pray for you, that you wil...
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Fun GamesTuesday, 17 July 2018
These 'fun games' were held by the education team of special school SLB pelangi LombokCare as a warming up before the children really start learning in the next few days. We hope that our children like it and stay enthousiastic. Click here to see ...
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