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Selamat Datang

Selamat datang di situs web LombokCare !!! LombokCare adalah kerja sama aktif antara 'Stichting' LombokCare Belanda dan Yayasan LombokCare Indonesia. LombokCare bertujuan untuk memberikan bantuan dan layanan kepada masyarakat yang membutuhkan di pulau Lombok.


Unfortunately Lombok has been hit with a series of earthquakes in August 2018. 
We are working on updating our website with updates, but as you can imagine our team is busy providing first aid and emergency support at the moment first. 
Many of our staff members and children of the foundation lost their homes. It's very heartbreaking to watch. 

Since the first earthquake we already:
- Started food kitchens in different villages
- Delivered food, drinks and other emergency supplies to effected areas
- Visited effected areas with our team to provide support, especially the children
- Started uplifting the sleeping areas in the tents to prevent them getting wet in rainy weather
- Started future planning...

We will keep you posted on what we're working on.
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