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About LombokCare

LombokCare Foundation is a Dutch non-profit organisation founded in 2008 by family Schreurs. In 2012 LombokCare Foundation expanded to the Indonesian Yayasan LombokCare. 

As of today LombokCare's focus is on project REadycation: Rehabilitation + Education = REady. This project focuses on Rehabilitation & Education for children with special needs (physical and multiple disabled children)
Besides REadycation, LombokCare also supports other projects and (local) organisations who need help in the field of education, healthcare or technical facilities. All support to other projects are being coordinated by Yayasan LombokCare in Indonesië.

In Loving Memory of Gerda



It started all in 1980, when Christ and Gerda Schreurs from The Netherlands went to Indonesia for the first time to go back to the roots of Gerda, whose mother was born in AmbarawFamilieSchreursa (Central of Java). Impressed by the beauty and diversity of Indonesia, Christ and Gerda decided to go back to Indonesia with their daughters Debbie and Mindie in 1992. After having seen Java and Bali on their holidays, they decided to explore the island Lombok in 1995. Since then the family kept on going back there as often as they could. Not only because of the beauty of the island and the people, but also due to ‘the other side of the beauty’, the shock of the poverty. Old people searching for food in the garbage cans, begging children near the big roads. All impressions resulted in a response: "They are supposed to be able to eat and go to school, just like we do". At that age already they wanted to help people. They wanted to make a difference.

"They are supposed to be able to eat en go to school, just like we do"

From 2006 till 2008 they learned a lot about the culture and also learned the language. Family Schreurs started off helping people by providing clothes and food to the poor.


LombokCare History

More and more people wanted to contribute, but also more and more people asked for help. After a couple of years they saw so many things they could improve with the resources they had available, that they decided to start LombokCare foundation in 2008.

 "After a couple of years they saw so many things they could improve with the resources they had available, that they decided to start LombokCare Foundation in 2008."

In 2009, together with a local organisation they started building Rehabilitation and Education centre for children with special needs in Sandik. Partners Go For Lombok and ROI Achterhoek have both contributed to the construction of the building. On the 11th of November 2010 the building was taken into use for the first time and started a program with 8 children.

After having some obstacles with the local organisation in 2012, in May 2012 started over with the new local Yayasan LombokCare Indonesia. 



Bnnr Doneer UK

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