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Working Method


LombokCare Foundation in the Netherlands works closely with Yayasan LombokCare in Indonesia. Main tasks of LombokCare Foundation in the Netherlands are aimed at actively fundraising and bringing awareness about the Millennium Development Goals, although at Yayasan LombokCare in Indonesia they're focused at finding suitable projects in which the funds are spent in a good way.

LombokCare works:

  • focused on the own strength and active participation of the client and family
    Not relying on the disability but starting from the capabilities and potentials of a child is our basic principle! Through all the daily activities we want to encourage the children where possible, to take action independently.

  • community-based
    For these children, the support of their parents and their social environment is of such a great importance. That's exactly why we want to involve the parents, friends and other important persons in their environment of the child in the development process of the child. In this way we're not only focused on the child but working in a more family and environment-centred way.

  • solution oriented
    Again here it's the positive approach: starting from the potentials of a child instead of relying on the disability. For all children the same question, 'how can we minimize the dependency of this child?'.

  • network-oriented
    Through increasing the foundation's social and financial network, LombokCare will be able to reach and help more clients to a brighter future.


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