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RIP little Ahmad Kanu

RIP little Ahmad Kanu

Born on the 7th of May 2014
Passed away on the 23rd of August 2018

Kanu lived in Karang Pule in Mataram. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Quadriplegic and joined LombokCare since March 2018. LombokCare picked him up every once a week so he could get physical therapy, and thanks to donors we were also able to support him with extra Formula Milk.
He passed away not because of the earthquakes, but because of diarrhea and respiratory problems, which he got during his stay in a refugee camp where he stayed near a place with much waste (it even seems that in this place there are refugee camps on top of a cemetery 😲). Kanu's parents didn't manage to take him to a doctor and they didn't get to inform us as it all happened so quick!
All we could do today is pray for him and give some rice to the people living in these bad conditions..hope we can do more very soon!

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First school day after the earthquakes

The first school day after having to deal with 5 major earthquakes (>6.0 magnitude). Only 4 kids came, all the others probably were still to afraid to get back in any building.

Today was all about sharing their stories. Even though they were sitting in an open aula, there has been a moment of panick since there was a 5.4 magnitude aftershock happening, thankfully just for a few seconds..

Can you imagine being in a building and not being able to get out by yourself? Thankfully all LombokCare's children stayed safe..

Hopefully soon more children will come, so they can get 'out of their stressed environments' for some amount of time.

first day back at school

Thank you Ula

Thanks Ula, for almost 3 years you have been devoting yourself to help LombokCare's children. A lot of children learned how to walk or had improvement in their physical development because of your treatments. We will all pray for you, that you will be healthy and that you'll have good luck in continuing your study.
We will miss you..


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Fun Games


These 'fun games' were held by the education team of special school SLB pelangi LombokCare as a warming up before the children really start learning in the next few days. We hope that our children like it and stay enthousiastic.

Click here to see a video

First Schoolday

"First schoolday"
After having school holidays for more than 1 month, LombokCare's children came back to school today. They looked happy and loved meeting their friends. Their parents were really enthusiast bringing their kids and also the teachers were enthusiast in guiding the activities which were being held today. Not to forget we also have new pupils: welcome and good luck at school!

 Click here to see a video

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