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Experiences of parents

 The Story of Rahman

The Story of Albi

The Story of Alesha

The Story of Tude

“Before Tude came to LombokCare, Tude already had been going to school in a SLB (school for children with special needs). During his stay there he had improved at about 25%. With the help of a teacher in the SLB-school, I brought Tude to LombokCare.

This is thTudee place where Tude started having more improvements from therapy at the start of treatment. Later on he didn't need intensive therapy which shows the strength of his feet & hands. Tude's confidence also grew due to his successful treatment. As of now Tude already doesn’t get therapy, but he is developing and getting more familiar with his surroundings. From not being able to eat cake on his own to eventually eating. He’s also able to drink by himself.

The most beautiful thing about Tude’s development is his sensitive feelings about his surroundings, i.e. watching TV Tude's now able to grab the remote, he can even tell the difference between a DVD remote and TV remote. His instinct of hearing and knowing the sound of a phone is already incredible. This is just a sample of his current condition, there are a lot more.

LombokCare is now Tude’s second home, every
staff member and teacher in LombokCare are great people. Because of their gentle hands and soft hearts somewhat like angels they can change it all.”

“Thank you LombokCare”

I Wayan Eka Putra S
(Tude’s Father)

28th of June 2013

The Story of Rara

“I’m happy to see my child happy right now because earlier I didn’t know what to do with my child.
My child’s name is Amira Husna Ramadhani (Rara), she is 1 year and 7 months old. She got the Rubella virus which made a lot of senses do not function well, like cataract eyes, her left ear doesn’t function and she has a leaky heart valve. I became even more sad because also her motor system is also not functioning in a normal way. Rara en moeder

After turning 11 months I joined the therapy
program at LombokCare Foundation. It feels like a dream because I could not imagine that Rara already can sit by herself now. In here now I have a lot of hope for Rara’s future. I hope LombokCare will always be there to help children who need it.

Thanks to LombokCare, thanks mr. Apip, Mss. Mindie, Wira, Bu Murti, Pak Udin and everybody else.”

Heny Latifah
(Rara’s mother)

28th of June 2013




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